Hey buddy, could you spare a .com?

Domain Names Cheap

Domain Names - cheaper is better?

If .com domains were computer hardware, they’d be the hard drive.  Wait, before your eyes glaze over, keep reading for some domain name truth.  In all honesty the rest of this article can be summed up with buy .com’s and life will be good.

If you are still reading then imagine a scenario like this:

Hey buddy, could you spare a nickel?   I’ll work for it and store 1,073,741,824 bytes of data for you and give you a penny back.

I got a new camera and took a lot of pictures over the holidays and with each picture about 7MB I need to find a bigger drive to store them.  I headed over to Amazon to get an idea of how much I was going to lay out for a 500GB or maybe a 1TB (a TB is 1,099,511,627,776 bytes or roughly 4.5 million books) drive and was I ever surprised?  To put this in perspective, when I started in the tech industry almost 20 years ago I worked for a company that was the posterchild for collecting massive amounts of data and they had news agencies and press releases and industry pundits clamoring when they hit 1TB of data stored!

Have you seen the price of computer hard drives lately?  Seriously, I figured it up and for well under a nickel, yes $0.05, you can a GB of drive space…  For less than $100 you can get a 2TB hard drive.  I don’t have any hard drive domains, but I seriously don’t see how the manufacturers are making money on these drives…  I’m glad they’re building them though as they will probably hold about 350,000 pictures I take – maybe a couple of them will actually be good.

The point of this post isn’t to push hard drives, but to consider trends.  I know, took a while to get there, but what are the trends driving your industry, domain developments, websites, etc?  If I were looking at hard drives and storage you would think solid state drives were the trend a few years ago and possibly memory cards, or even RAM drives, but even that seems to not matter because the mainstay hard drive is the standard and until something can topple it or render it obsolete don’t count on them going away anytime soon.  Even with the advent of online storage, online backups or whatever the online story of the day is today I can’t see bigger and better hard drives going anywhere!

Now, where does that bring me?  Domain names, of course! 

Everyone knows that .com is THE domain to have.  There are alternatives, pun intended Morgan, and you can buy any of these and be successful;  However, the .com is the cheapest per MU (New term, MegaUsers that I just made up). 

You can develop out a .net, .org, .us, .co, .tv, .biz, .mobi, .cc or whatever you want and the trend is that there are a LOT more extensions coming soon and even more over the next few years and you can use them as well and get a good user base, but the second the person forgets the domain name or just gets in a hurry they’ll type it in with .com and you’ll have lost that MegaUser, maybe for good if the .com is developed! 

The point of the story is that you can, and should, buy and develop other domain extensions because you can get them for cheap, but you should probably flip/sell the site and use the proceeds to buy the .com and bank some or use it to develop more domains.  Or you can buy the .com in the first place if you have the cash because their typo/typein traffic will increase as you develop your domain and once that happens they will want more for the .com domain.  Either way, the .com needs to be recognized for what it is – the biggest, badest domain on the block with the most MU potential for the least amount of money.  I’m personally looking for a PU, but that is a story for another day.

Now get out there and develop some .us’s, sell them and buy some .com domains!

~~ DomainNitro ~~

Domain Names dropping and auctions and ShoeMoney contest!

There are some great domain names dropping this week and Tuesday is pretty strong. Shane has several listed including SeatingChart.com and Yoyos.net which are great names. However, I think he missed the best one…

SpareTireCarrier.com – could go a lot of ways with this one – the obvious is a product site, but it is screaming for a Male only version, Man on the street, People of WalMart type site. Could also be a belly fat targeted weightloss site, but what fun would that be?  I was going to put a picture in this post, but I thought to myself… how can I possibly put a picture of a fat belly in the same post with a link to the PoWM site… just can’t do it.


While over at namejet, I like to see what is really drawing early attention because most people won’t even bid until close to the end of the drop cycle.  So when there are already close to 200 bids for a domain that doesn’t drop for 5 weeks and the price is already at $2500 it will be pretty big.  The domain is MiracleSpa.com and I’m guessing people want it for the huge number of baby boomers and spa go-ers – I can tell you people will drop a LOT of money at a spa really quick and if they are selling MIRACLES, well then, I expect to pay a lot more!

On a different note, ShoeMoney is running a killer contest that closes today – go post your entry! I can’t go on those dates, but I’d definitely enter if I could!

Good Luck!

~~ DomainNitro ~~

White Christmas!

For the first time I can remember it was a White Christmas here in Alabama.  Beautiful snow and we even got to play in it a bit.  We usually get about one snow a year so I’m glad it was on Christmas!  Hope you and yours are having a great holiday season!  I’ll post a picture of our blizzard later!

Updated for sale page

The latest domains for sale are over on the Domains for Sale link or you can just click here!  Hope you see something you like!

Domains dropping today, Christmas Eve!

Well, it is Christmas Eve here in the U.S. and all through the house not a creature was stirring except the domaining mouse… 

Look where you are going... and what is coming at you!

Actually I just got up at 5 to start the ham and it was quiet so I thought I’d check out some domains without any distractions.  Anyway, here are a couple I think would do well along with a link to an article by Shane to get you in the spirit if you aren’t already.

phed.com – great, brandable, pronouncable 4L.com.  Can’t imagine this one closing under a few grand, but think about its pronunciation – sounds like fed.com so it could be a brandable food site… I like it a lot, but I like getting fed :)

yuleshop.com – this is a great Christmas Eve pickup.  Both for the two words, yule and shop, as well as the length, only 8 characters.  Plus it is a LLLLshop.com.  Very nice niche or seasonal shopping site for sure!

Last thing is to enjoy your holidays – here is a great post from Shane that will remind you of that! 

10 Things I Look For In Life

You are a salesman, but is your marketing any good?

AKA, do you love domains and making money online?

Every person with a job, a small business, a 16 year old’s lawn mowing service, the lady calling for donations whose caller id you hate to see pop up, the bum on the corner… everyone, is in sales.  If you are reading this, more than likely you are selling yourself!  Wait, you know what I meant – get your mind out of the gutter!

Anyway, you are either selling your time and knowledge to a company in exchange for a paycheck or you are trying to sell a product or better yet, domain names or internet based products :) .  Most people never make the connection that they are selling themselves – if you can let that sink in, you can immediately apply some insight to your online business.

Domain for Sale

You are a salesman!

Think about it like this – if you are selling things like information products (ebooks, articles, etc), SEO guides, Websites or domain names then you have a product to sell.  True salesmen can sell anything – ie, icecubes to eskimos, but that is not me and it probably isn’t you.  Knowing that is key to your success! 

Why is that important you ask?  Well, most people have a really hard time selling face to face or even online, but bear with me for a second… 

What was your last conversation where you were carrying on without thinking about it at all – spouting off facts, figures, trivia and insight?  Was it related to some hobby or sport or family member?  Think about it.  Do you LOVE to talk about or participate in anything?  It could easily be cycling, running, working out, dieting, flirting, politics, stocks, bonds, corporations, insurance (you are just wierd), blogging, ipad, iphone, laptops, hdtv, bluray, movies, music, kids, parents, sports teams, gardening, sports cars, yoga, dogs, cats, hair, recycling… the list can go on forever, but the point is the conversation you had was about something you LOVE and are passionate about!

Selling online is tough, it takes time and commitment, but if you love what you are doing it doesn’t even seem like work – it is actually fun!

For me, it is domain names, websites and related products.  For you it might be aquariums and products like fish food, lights, plants, floaty thingies like miniature treasure chests and ships or whatever you put in aquariums – the point is that if you love aquariums you immediately thought I was stupid and thought of 17 other things that would make more sense to sell… so why don’t you sell those?  Don’t want to sell physical products?  Easy, go to clickbank or one of the other info product middlemen and search for aquariums – you’ll get more than you would expect to find.  On a side note, you don’t have to really sell physical products per se – many companies will drop ship or have a reseller affiliate id and you can leverage their infrastructure and never even see a product nevertheless touch it.

It is as simple as this – every day I like to look for domains – either dropping domains, online auctions, domain markets and even hand registering domains.  I would be doing this anyway, even if I didn’t want to sell the domains as I think they are valuable in ways stocks and bonds can never be…  But that is just me – maybe you are a great salesman or you just enjoy pimping your time to someone else.

Can’t come up with any ideas?  Contact me and I can help you out in under 5 minutes I bet.  I have a stack of hand written notes and ideas for my own stuff that I can’t get done in 20 years and I have a knack for coming up with ideas and I like this stuff so feel free to email me or call me up.

Now get out there and sell some stuff!!!

~~ DomainNitro ~~

2011 – the year of “Just Do It!!!”

 2010 was a waste of time – you didn’t get those domains developed, you didn’t sell enough domains, you bought too many pigeon s*** domains, you didn’t get x domain in the drop that you really wanted, you couldn’t close a great name because you were short on funds, and in general you just suck at life!

Well, maybe it wasn’t all that bad, maybe you didn’t do all you wanted, but you did do SOMETHING to sell domain names and sites, upgrade your portfolio of domains, build links, write articles and SEO your existing sites. 

Domain Name Success

Which path will you take?

You did network more and build some key relationships online and offline.  You did come up with a domain name development plan and stop buying, right?

Two schools of thought above for me (luckily I have voices in my head telling me both versions.)  Which you choose to believe will probably determine how well your 2011 online efforts turn out.  So, why don’t you write down what you want to accomplish this coming year as if you were sitting in the middle of December NEXT year and writing what you have accomplished online with either selling domain names, developing websites, or some other way to make money online.  Here’s mine:

“It is almost 2011 and I can’t believe how good a year it has been! 

  • I finally made the turn and quit buying too many domains
  • I started developing some decent sites for long term development efforts
  • I flipped 10 domains for $10,000 profit
  • I sold 10 domain names for $5,000 profit
  • My best site is getting over 10,000 uniques per month
  • My 10 best performing domains are each making over $100 per month and they are on autopilot now.
  • I didn’t do one thing that spurs a “you know what this idot noob did to me?” post from Shane.  It is quite possible I have violated every one of his posts like that – I’ve read and learned enough now that hopefully I won’t do it again, but maybe I’ll invent something new he hasn’t seen this year :)
  • I got on Morgan’s site because of some great development or partnership effort that is totally cool.
  • I have a great plan for 2012 and I’m taking the rest of the year off, except maybe picking up some decent domains while everyone else is relaxing during the holidays…

That is quite a wonderful list of accomplishments and I have a plan to make it happen!  It is going to be a great 2011!


 ~~ DomainNitro ~~ 

Tron Legacy in 3D – update

You may have a different experience, but that was a disappointment.  Lots of vehicles – primarily the movie was a vehicle for a political statement, DUDE…   and a not very well disguised one at that. 

One very interesting thing was the previews!  I know, right! (my daughter is wearing off on my speech patterns)  They had probably 10 different 3D movies previewed – 2 of which looked decent, but they had a 3D video camera commercial that was very cool. 

So, I can kinda see the trend in 3D domains now so I will buy your 3Dxxxxx.com domain now, but only for the price I paid for my ticket :)

~~ DomainNitro ~~

Tron Legacy in 3D

Having a “Team Building” event today and to close it out we’re going to see Tron Legacy in 3D!
No, that does NOT mean I want to buy your 3Dxxxxx.com domain for $xx,xxx, but thanks anyway!

~~ DomainNitro ~~

Do you speak “Whinese?”

I have two daughters and they are just about the best kids anyone could want, but on occasion they get tired or cranky and start whining…  My response is ALWAYS “I don’t understand Whinese!”

They know now that it means to speak to me instead of whining and then to think about what it is that is bothering them.  Then they have to come up with ideas on what to do instead of whining.  Great stuff, huh?  The problem with whining is that it is self-fulfilling – the more you whine, the more you see to whine about and the more you practice whining the better you get at it. 

The problem I find is that even though I don’t understand Whinese, that doesn’t stop ME from doing it, too!  This occurs mostly in my own head and it usually has something to do with domains, development, or trying to build an online business or some other make money online tactic.  Have you ever heard the little voice in your head say something like:

  • “That is a STUPID domain name and it sold for what on SEDO?”   This generally occurs on Wednesdays when I get over to www.dnjournal.com. Which domains sell truly amazes me sometimes, but the non-Whinese thought should be – “Wow, maybe someone will buy one of the stupid domains I picked up last year for $8 and give me $8,000!” Hasn’t happened yet, but it will!
  • “Web Development is hard, time consuming, boring, etc.”   This generally occurs when I’m either working on a site or debating whether I should start another site… and it usually leads to…
  • “I should take a look at Sedo, NamePros, Bido, BoxCar, Flippa, GoDaddy etc” This happens all the time – I would MUCH rather buy a domain name by researching it and trying to get a good deal than just about anything… I can see how stock brokers and investors, gamblers and domainers are all alike – just one more penny option (ok, $8) and I can turn it into $5k! 

So, Doctor, “Heal thyself!”  What can I do instead of whining?  Look at the domains I have already and realize that they have value and that I CAN make them work for me and that there were good reasons I bought them.  I will start that development project, I will research people interested in this domain and send them emails, I will start that SEO campaign, I will set up that Facebook fan page and I WILL QUIT WHINING!

Do you speak Whinese?

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