2011 – the year of “Just Do It!!!”

 2010 was a waste of time – you didn’t get those domains developed, you didn’t sell enough domains, you bought too many pigeon s*** domains, you didn’t get x domain in the drop that you really wanted, you couldn’t close a great name because you were short on funds, and in general you just suck at life!

Well, maybe it wasn’t all that bad, maybe you didn’t do all you wanted, but you did do SOMETHING to sell domain names and sites, upgrade your portfolio of domains, build links, write articles and SEO your existing sites. 

Domain Name Success

Which path will you take?

You did network more and build some key relationships online and offline.  You did come up with a domain name development plan and stop buying, right?

Two schools of thought above for me (luckily I have voices in my head telling me both versions.)  Which you choose to believe will probably determine how well your 2011 online efforts turn out.  So, why don’t you write down what you want to accomplish this coming year as if you were sitting in the middle of December NEXT year and writing what you have accomplished online with either selling domain names, developing websites, or some other way to make money online.  Here’s mine:

“It is almost 2011 and I can’t believe how good a year it has been! 

  • I finally made the turn and quit buying too many domains
  • I started developing some decent sites for long term development efforts
  • I flipped 10 domains for $10,000 profit
  • I sold 10 domain names for $5,000 profit
  • My best site is getting over 10,000 uniques per month
  • My 10 best performing domains are each making over $100 per month and they are on autopilot now.
  • I didn’t do one thing that spurs a “you know what this idot noob did to me?” post from Shane.  It is quite possible I have violated every one of his posts like that – I’ve read and learned enough now that hopefully I won’t do it again, but maybe I’ll invent something new he hasn’t seen this year :)
  • I got on Morgan’s site because of some great development or partnership effort that is totally cool.
  • I have a great plan for 2012 and I’m taking the rest of the year off, except maybe picking up some decent domains while everyone else is relaxing during the holidays…

That is quite a wonderful list of accomplishments and I have a plan to make it happen!  It is going to be a great 2011!


 ~~ DomainNitro ~~ 

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