Domain Name Quotes – Quote This!

I love quotes about business, motivation, sports, life and just about anything.  Always have – especially growing up listening to some of the best from Bear Bryant and other old school coaches and leaders.

Domain Name QuotesShane has a good compilation of Domaining quotes here and I don’t have a lot to add, but I thought it would be fun to look at other quotes and relate them to domains.

These will all be short and I’ll include the original quote and attribution if I can find it.  This may just end up being a fun Twitter exercise so make sure you follow @DomainNitro.

Only a couple of rules – I’ll try to come up with a good one, you decide if you like it.  If you don’t, try to come up with a better one based on the original quote provided and put it in the comments.  I’ll let others decide which is best if it isn’t obvious :) I promise to be impartial…

Domain Name Quote:

Original Quote – “Your greatness is measured by your horizons.” – Michelangelo

Domaining Quote

  • Option 1 – “Your domains are measured by your sales” –
  • Option 2 – “Your domains are measured by their length” –
  • Option 3 – “Your domaining greatness is measured by your 3 F’s – Flips, Frequency, Financials” –

Which one gets your vote?  Can you do better?  Put it in the comments below!

What do James Robertson and Shane Cultra have in common?

If you are reading about domain names, you have probably heard of Shane Cultra – if not, go to his site,, now, it is way better than this one… :)

Have you also heard about James Robertson?  Did his story remind you of anyone you knew?  Well, whether you have heard of James or not is irrelevant.  Lessons we can all learn from him are what is important. (I’ll give you some context later, but the image is a hint)

NY to Los Angeles to Orlando

NY to Los Angeles to Orlando

Think of the most successful person you know and keep that thought in your head while you read this and let me know what you think at the end…

What James Robertson can teach you about success

The life lessons/success story of James Robertson(your person’s name here) come down to the answer to this question:

Aside from the obvious money aspect, what separates a hobbyist from a professional?

Seems like a simple question, but lately I’ve been thinking more about why I treat domains and this industry like a hobby compared to two types of other people:

  1. Most people who just go away quickly because they were looking for an overnight success or million dollar flip
  2. Others who I’ve watched who have progressed to “Guru” or very successful levels from seemingly nothing

To give you some context, I started hobby buying domains back in 2010 and I am still at that level even though I follow the industry to some degree and love learning about it… not a success by any measure – what some domainers would call a hobbyist… what I would normally call something much worse :)

Two Success Factors for Domain Name Investing

There are two main factors that I realize have made all the [Read more…]

Weird issue with GoDaddy Bulk Domain Checker

I’ve been trying to use trends, events, and current events to find domain names that can be hand registered.

Today, I was looking at slang words and had a bunch of them in the bulk checker at GoDaddy and for a brief instant I thought I hit the lottery!

Bulk Domain Zombie!

I saw that in addition to a few others I checked, and were available…

GoDaddy Bulk Domain Name Checker errors

Godaddy error!

Only briefly did I think that was possible, but just in case, I immediately went to checkout and when I tried to pay it kicked them out saying they were unavailable “error”.

UGHHH!  But I didn’t really believe it anyway, but it sure would be fun to find a nugget like that… pure gold!

On a side note, I didn’t register – would make a fun video site – google it or search youtube… it really is a thing…  If you register it please let me know – wouldn’t mind seeing what you do with it.

Slang and trends

As I mentioned above, I am looking into slang, trends, events, etc to try to find some hidden nuggets I can hand register… it is a time consuming process so I may have to start looking back at some of the new GTLD’s coming online or some of the ones from last year where people let them drop… should be a good market.  What do you think?