7 surprising Domain Name sales methods – part 1

Making money online with domain names has to ultimately end with the sale of your domain name. Technically, not true, you can monetize it, but that is another story. 

This article series is all about selling domain names to make money – ie, buy low and sell high! More specifically, these are 7 tips for selling you might not have heard of and even if you had, you didn’t try because they sounded too simple. My criteria is that they are not the normal channel of researching and contacting buyers and more importantly you can implement them very easily – 10 minutes or less in most cases! 

A little background… Many people are good with finding domain names available to register, catching expiring domains or buying names that are decently priced. There are also tons of tools to help you find a good name as well as very creative people who can make up a name and just hand register it. There are always new trends emerging you can capitalize upon by buying names early (bluray, hdtv, iphone, etc).

The problem comes when you get ready to sell your domain name. Most people are just not good at it – it is a lot easier and a lot more fun registering names than it is researching potential buyers, making sales calls and negotiating with people. 

So the following list of 7 sales has come from my direct experience and is much easier than the normal sales process – ie, not as much work. Not saying you can get rich with domain names this way, because I don’t think you can. What I am saying is that these were pretty easy to do and took very little time and I actually sold domains that otherwise wouldn’t have sold at all or at least not as quickly. 

Domain name sales method #1:

Domain Name Whois lookups

Generally people who are running whois lookups on your domain are either researching it to see when it will expire or to contact the owner in some way. Often it is for spam, but many people interested in buying a domain will have their techies look as well and many of those people will look at your whois. Why not make it easy for them and list your domain for sale as part of the contact information in addition to making sure your real contact information is correct, which it is, right? 

Just last week, I had someone check the whois and saw that I had “This domain is for sale. Email me now!” on the second address line. We chatted briefly and a sales price was agreed to in a few minutes. Payment was made and the domain was transferred within a couple hours of the first contact. 

Domain Name DNS Entry with sales text


You can’t beat that for simplicity because it only took a couple seconds to add that line to all of my domains with GoDaddy as you can do a mass edit of the dns entries. Here is an example of one of my listings – like I said – it is simple, but in this case effective! Not that I want to sell this domain so that is only an example, but you get the idea. 

Good luck if you try this tip for selling domain names!   Part 2 of this Domain name sales method series is now out! 

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  1. Nice tip on the domain name sale that I haven’t seen before, but where are the other 6? I can’t find them so far.

    • Domain Nitro says:

      I know, the other 6 are coming – just wanted to get that one out there. I’ll have the other domain tips posted over the next few days! Subscribe to the RSS or just come back to the site often! Let me know what you think so far!


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