7 surprising Domain Name sales methods – part 3

This is Part 3 of 7 in my series on 7 surprising Domain Name sales methods. If you missed Part 2, you can find it here.

Just to recap, this is all about Making money online with domain names by selling your domain name in unique ways – we’ll cover other monetization methods in another series.

Domain name sales method #3:

Recognize odd traffic patterns for parked domains

Whenever you park domains you should get some traffic from type-ins (if you don’t, you might not have a very good domain but that is off topic.) Oftentimes you will see heavier than expected traffic and many domainers look for these type of domains. Usually they were previously developed and have backlinks that are still driving traffic to the domain. This post is not about that :)

What I’m suggesting here is to look for traffic that is new and increasing or is steady and the domain was never developed. You can find this information easily by looking at your parking company month over month stats. Oftentimes this will not be because you hand registered some fantastic domain, but in reality someone is developing a site and people are typing in your domain name in error. This is especially true if you own the .com.

Parking sign image

Domain Parking

Late last year one of my domains went from about 30 uniques per month to 100 to consistently over 500. A quick Google search found that a site was developed and was advertising heavily for another tld. Great for me because I was getting additional clicks, but it still wasn’t a lot of money so I sent exactly one message to the site owner through their contact page and had a sale closed very quickly.

If I hadn’t parked the domain or kept up with the stats I never would have been able to make that sale because the owner thought that once a domain was “his” it was always “his” and applied that same logic to the .com I had parked – he had seen the site, but missed the “this domain may be for sale” link on the parked page I guess. Maybe he would have figured it out eventually, but at the very least I expedited the sale!

Good luck if you try this tip for selling domain names! Domain name sales method #4 is here now!

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  1. Good tip. Other ones available yet?

  2. Great tip for selling a domain name. Look forward to the rest of them. Can you give the name and price?

  3. Right on Brother, great layout, nice opinions, fantastic blog. one in a million. :)

  4. Domain Nitro says:

    I am open to it – just drop me an email and we can discuss.


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  2. […] This is Part 4 of 7 in my series on 7 surprising Domain Name sales methods. If you missed Part 3, you can find it here. […]

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