7 surprising Domain Name sales methods Part 6

This is Part 6 of 7 in my series on 7 surprising Domain Name sales methods. If you missed Part 5, you can find it here.

Just to recap, this is all about Making money online with domain names by selling your domain name in unique ways – we’ll cover other monetization methods in another series.

Domain name sales method #6:

Resale markets like Afternic, Sedo and GoDaddy – with a Premium twist

If you have more than one or two domains then you probably have them listed for sale on Sedo, Afternic, Godaddy, or one of several other resellers. No secret there, but what you may not know is that several of these services have “Premium Listings”, not to be confused with other “Premium” services which require you to pay up front a fee to have your domain listed in more prominent areas of the domain search results.

Premium Listings, such as the Premium Domain Listings on GoDaddy, have a much heftier commission on the back end so you need to account for that in your price (currently they are at 30%).

Premium Domain Name Listing

That may seem like a steep price to pay, but the way they feature these domains is at a fixed price so you can account for that in your listing price. They get some pretty good results because when someone searches for a domain such as walkingshoes.com and it is listed as a Premium Listing they go straight to a sales page with the price ready to go. If there isn’t an exact Premium Listing available then one of the more prominent suggestions is to buy similar “premium” domains right beside where they suggest other extensions!

You don’t pay 20 or 30 or even 50 dollars to have it featured in a general category of domains (I’ve done this on Sedo and Godaddy with poor results) and it gets better placement because they do a good job of pattern matching what the original name search was for with the available domains in the Premium Auctions.

I know several people who have had great success with this and considering how few offers I’ve gotten recently on GoDaddy I’m definitely going to add more Premium Listings!

Good luck if you try this tip for selling domain names! Domain name sales method #7 is coming soon!

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