7 surprising Domain Name sales methods Part 7

This is the final installment in my series on 7 surprising Domain Name sales methods. If you missed Part 6, you can find it here.

Just to recap, this is all about Making money online with domain names by selling your domain name in unique ways – we’ll cover other monetization methods in another series.

Domain name sales method #7:

No Parking on the dance floor!

No parking baby! Telling my age a bit if you catch that reference..

No Parking image

No Parking Baby!

Most domain owners who have parked domains have seen significant reductions in the Parked pages revenue and in a lot of cases a decline in traffic. If you have product domains or names that get any decent type in traffic you may be frustrated with your pennies you get from parking.

As an internet business, what is the most valuable thing you can have – traffic of course. And in this case your domain has VERY targeted traffic since people are typing it in their browser! Why not use domain forwarding and have all that traffic go to your domain sales page! Even better, have a sales page segmented by types of domains or in your Forward address and group like domains together!

You can also include a parameter like “domain=YourDomainName” so you can still track how much traffic is coming from each domain. This combination is surprisingly effective and while they are on your site they will often browse around quite a bit and possibly buy something or click an ad at the very least! I have used this process to forward like domains to an existing developed domain with a similar topic and it worked well for that, too! Be creative and don’t settle for just letting your domains gather dust – one sale and you can make more than the parking for all your domains for the entire year!

Good luck if you try this tip or any of the 7 for selling domain names!

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  1. thanks for 7th series i used the 6th series and found it very successful…thanks a lot for sharing these great tips …

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