7 surprising Domain Name sales methods

This is a 7 part series on some of the often overlooked ways you can sell domain names. My focus on these is to have as little additional work involved as possible – enough has already been written in how to actively market and sell domains (if you need a reference to some of this let me know). In retrospect, this overview of the 7 surprising (and simple) domain name sales methods should have come first (each tip article came first), but I’m glad I didn’t because part way through I swapped out number 6 with a better method.

Selling domain names has to ultimately end with the sale of your domain name and the following is a list of ways that I’ve either sold a domain or in one case a friend of mine made a sale. None of these methods took more than a few minutes time and are in addition to the normal sales channels.

Method number 1 has a little background so without further ado, here are the 7 methods:

Domain name sales method #1: Whois your most targeted buyer?

Domain name sales method #2: Take advantage of the oldest profession in the world (communication profession that is)

Domain name sales method #3: Track and analyze your parking statistics for upward trends

Domain name sales method #4: Set up an email account on your parked domains

Domain name sales method #5: Check out the domaining forums – seriously

Domain name sales method #6: Use a premium listing on domain sales sites

Domain name sales method #7: Forward your parked domains traffic to your sales page.

I hope you are able to take advantage of at least one of these – please let me know of your experiences and anything that might have worked for you in the comments below!


  1. i fully read your article and come to know that all the methods are professionally very authentic ans very useful for newbies ….. thanks for sharing these methods with such detailed

  2. Domain Nitro says:

    You are very welcome. I just don’t want people, especially newbies, struggling to sell their domains!

  3. Great methods …nitro from where you get these useful tricks or method ,its very useful for me

    • Domain Nitro says:

      Long story, but I have bought and sold a lot of domains over the past year and a half and some of these I picked up as tips from other domain name sellers and some I just thought through. Everyone has great ideas so starting out it helps to have ideas that have worked for others… Just don’t forget to be yourself as your ideas are just as valid – it comes down to what works well for you!

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