Domain Names back on the front burner!

I finally finished the Domain Name Flipping book review and I hope everyong goes and grabs it – I’ll post a link once it is released, but if you didn’t take my advice yesterday you should still go spend some time on Morgan’s site and read as much as you can. 

Since I finished the review and I still have a few minutes before the kids get up and I have to go to my real job, I tried to catch up on Shane’s blog… Wow, he comes up with some great names and even better commentary – maybe it’s just my sick sense of humor, but I smile every time I go there.  Tonight or tomorrow I’m going to catch up on a few others I try to follow… I’ve seen some of the headlines, but I’m trying to stay focused on one thing at a time right now to see how that works out for me…

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  1. awesome blog, do you have a twitter or facebook?

  2. Domain Nitro says:

    Thanks, but you are right – some of your comments got caught up in the spam filter – sorry about that, but unfortunately I get a TON of spam comments and sometimes it is hard to separate them quickly. I really do appreciate the visits and especially the comments!

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