Domain Names dropping and auctions and ShoeMoney contest!

There are some great domain names dropping this week and Tuesday is pretty strong. Shane has several listed including and which are great names. However, I think he missed the best one… – could go a lot of ways with this one – the obvious is a product site, but it is screaming for a Male only version, Man on the street, People of WalMart type site. Could also be a belly fat targeted weightloss site, but what fun would that be?  I was going to put a picture in this post, but I thought to myself… how can I possibly put a picture of a fat belly in the same post with a link to the PoWM site… just can’t do it.


While over at namejet, I like to see what is really drawing early attention because most people won’t even bid until close to the end of the drop cycle.  So when there are already close to 200 bids for a domain that doesn’t drop for 5 weeks and the price is already at $2500 it will be pretty big.  The domain is and I’m guessing people want it for the huge number of baby boomers and spa go-ers – I can tell you people will drop a LOT of money at a spa really quick and if they are selling MIRACLES, well then, I expect to pay a lot more!

On a different note, ShoeMoney is running a killer contest that closes today – go post your entry! I can’t go on those dates, but I’d definitely enter if I could!

Good Luck!

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