Domains and Blogs – making money online tips (part 2)

This is Part 2 of a review I started on some great tips from John Chow. Clike here for Part 1 of Making Money Online Tips.

Next up is AuctionAds – I haven’t used this one, but it seems really promising as it essentially wraps up eBay affiliates to provide economies of scale so they payout from ebay is higher than you could achieve on your own. Good concept. Now you may be thinking, why eBay. Well, you can buy just about anything on eBay which means you can get commission on JUST ABOUT ANYTHING on eBay…

Here’s another one I haven’t used – ReviewMe. He says this is his biggest money maker at the point of the ebook being published so it must be good especially if you have niche traffic that many people would want reviews within that niche. This is basically a sponsored review reseller so I need to look into it to see if they let you do the review or if they autopost content to your blog. Either way it seems like a win-win. You get content and ad revenue…

John’s own PPC network, TTZ Media, is up next.
I have no way to review this yet and I haven’t found much in the way of whether people use it effectively or not so I won’t comment on it unless I try it out. Feedburner ads is in the same league because the information is a little dated given Google has owned them for a while now. What I will say is that you REALLY need to use a feed service and FeedBurner is pretty easy to use – ads or no ads.

DealDotCom seems like it is well geared to marketers since you get a piece of anyone’s action who you get to sign up. No time limit is key!

Chapter 3 – Blogging Tips. Now we’re getting somewhere since John blogs about how he makes money blogging (his words, not mine). This section should be great!
If you are going to be a serious blogger follow all of these tips:

  1. Pick a topic you love. If you don’t you won’t stay with it.
  2. Use your own domain name! There are so many “free” services to blog, but if you want to make real money and develop a real following you must have your own domain. If you need help picking out a name or finding an available domain email me – I’m pretty good at finding available names that won’t cost you much, if anything, more than the registration fee. On a side note, if you really can’t afford hosting email me as there are some pretty cool options where you can have your own domain hosted at no cost and still make money off of it pretty easily.
  3. Update your blog. A LOT! Remember, content is king, and Google is the king’s Daddy. No sense in being the court jester.
  4. Build relationships – both with your readers and fellow bloggers in your niche. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more you comment on other blogs and guest post and cross post, the more you will be seen as a market leader! Also, really pay attention to your comments because those are the readers ASKING you to engage – so engage already!
  5. Use multiple sources of revenue. See his article for more links to a lot of possibilities for monetizing your blog.
  6. 10 mistakes to avoid – most of these seem to be covered in other areas, but here is the summarized list – remember these are things to AVOID: Not posting new blogs, blog only for money, post an entry before proofing it thoroughly, be impersonal, be a copycat, don’t respond to comments, don’t give a full feed RSS, don’t associate with other bloggers, write for Google’s bot because everyone loves 25 repetitions of the same keywords, and finally, don’t read – that is funny, imo.
  7. 7 habits of highly successful bloggers. Over half of these are definitely covered in other areas, but they are slightly expanded upon so here they are in summary: Blog consistently – try using a posting frequency plan, be passionate about your topic, interact with your readers, give some link love – sometimes it is good to give because often you will get more than you originally gave, create your own brand – this will happen one way or another so you may as well be conscious of it, be a good writer – get help with creating a template if necessary and use a proof reader, oh and finally, read

This got long again so I think at this point you should just go download the ebook and read it… Well worth the time!


  1. Great post. :) Will check out AuctionAds and ReviewMe. Nice blogging tips, too. Good to review from time to time to not get too off track. You sound like a big John Chow fan, would you ever go to one of his Pho gatherings or other events if he was in your area?

  2. Domain Nitro says:

    I like John Chow just because he gives some good information and enough of it is free and helpful that it makes it worth it putting up with all the sales pitches.

    I would absolutely go to one of the PHO’s if they had one… I’ve been thinking about setting up something similar with meetup, but I live in a smaller market so I don’t know what kind of response I’d get… guess I should just do it and see… Have you ever done one or attended a meetup type group?

  3. A group was gathering in SoCal… Unfortunately I had a schedule conflict. Plus since I had only been blogging for a few months, kind wanted learn the ropes a bit first. Didn’t want to be a fish out of water and be totally clueless. :) Maybe one day.

    • Domain Nitro says:

      I can relate, but I’ve decided to just take action because I am deliberative and analytical which doesn’t work well for fast moving internet solutions… So I’m probably going to start a small mastermind group or something of that sort. Goal is to have it done this month. I know you are in that challenge, but any interest in a virtual mastermind on a call/skype or something like that?

  4. Hi, I wanted to know if you know anyone with kids in the 1-8 age group. I ask because I created a free online children’s book library called Story Time For Me. I was hoping you could check it out and if you like the site, perhaps you could blog about it and let your friends know of this free resource. I’m happy to answer any questions if you email me.Take care.

    • Domain Nitro says:

      @Andrew – like your site and your timing couldn’t have been better. Email me and we can discuss an opportunity around this.

  5. Good job for taking action. Yeah, I’m a deliberate and analytical guy myself. Not good for the fast paced internet scene. :) Great idea and keep me posted. Good Luck!

  6. Thanks domain nitro for sharing your awesome resources ….million thanks for sharing these nice blogging tips …i found your post very useful

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