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I have been looking at ways to make money with blogs and domain names and websites recently and I came across an eBook (free, so don’t sign off) from John Chow that is really well done.

John is one of the more prolific bloggers as far as making money blogging so it shouldn’t surprise you that he has a pretty good ebook. What is surprising is that it is free and full of good information and all it will cost you is your email address if you pick it up from his site. I’ve already downloaded it and he says it is free to redistribute so if you don’t want to give him your email you can find it here.

I generally take lots of notes and mark up documents as I read them so I thought I would just type them up and create a short list of tips for making money on your blog/domain in a review format. The following are my notes and comments/thoughts I had as I read the ebook:

Chapter 1 – it is an introduction, but it is really all about what I would term accountability. Take a look at this quote related to “Someday Never Comes”:

“When you talk to a successful person about his goals, he’ll tell you what he plans to do and when it will be done. When an unsuccessful person talks about his goals(assuming he even has one), you’ll hear something along the lines of “I hope to do this someday.” Here’s a clue for all you losers out there; someday never comes.”

Some people will call that quote mean or too blunt or say that it is overstating or oversimplifying. BS! Think back about a time when you were most productive or accomplished more than you thought possible. Usually people think of these times and they are related to a project with a specific due date or something they really enjoyed and knew had to get done. A work project with a deadline is really just a goal someone else imposed on you… also, the things you enjoy usually tend to get done and done well! Why not blend the two? John says you have to have a time limit or it isn’t really a goal. I think that is the very heart of a goal! So do something you enjoy and set timely goals!

Make Money Blogging

Chapter 2 – Recommended Money Makers. No, I’m not talking about Chris Moneymaker or anything related to poker this time. In this chapter, John goes into different ways to make money on your blog.

First is content links – now this ASSUMES you have some really good content… Content links are great because you don’t have to sacrifice any ad slots in your primary advertising areas (usually following the F pattern). These types of ads read your content and dynamically place hyperlinks as ads as part of the text so it is easy to implement and pretty unobtrusive. He recommends Kontera and even lets you piggyback off his subscription because they usually won’t approve smaller blogs. I’m sure he gets some kickback or ad revenue, but who cares if it gets you in the door.

Next is Text Link Ads – I haven’t used a service like this before, but basically it looks like you are giving up your recommended/favorite sites section of your blog which makes it look like you are recommending whoever they place in they ad… I’m not too sure about this one since it is YOUR reputation you are selling… If anyone has any experience with this please let me know.

Google Adsense comes next and for the vast majority of people that is going to be the first network you experience. I like Adsense and they tend to display truly relevant links and they have text, image and video ads of all sizes so you can really fine tune your site and test different size ads with different layouts. Seems like a waste of time, but small changes make huge differences with adsense and almost any other network in terms of conversion (clicks in this case). He also mentions Bidvertiser, but unless you really need to get paid at $10 increments I can’t see the benefit.

This got much longer than I expected so I’ll post the rest later. Let me know what you think and whether you like to see links/reviews like this one.

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  1. That quote about someday is awesome. I finally made progress when I put deadlines and goals together. Someday never did come. Moneymaker? A poker fan I see. Does he still have game or was he a one hit wonder? I’ve read John’s free eBook and it is filled with great stuff. Still learning, but which technique is your favorite? Great job and look forward to more links/reviews in the future. :)

    • Domain Nitro says:

      Yeah, I love poker, but rarely ever get to play. Starting a poker site soon so maybe that will get me back into it :)
      Moneymaker has done ok, but mostly just a one hit… Several of the recent winners are excellent players – the internet has really leveled the playing field as so many more people play online now.

      I’m still an adsense fan because my traffic has been fairly low and they seem to fill the ads with very relevant stuff. Not much cash yet, but better than I expected. I really like the concept and approach of cj, clickbank and shareasale so I am embracing that right now – see how it goes. I think the text links would work very well for your type blog and industry in general – the domain/site blogs I’ve seen that include it generally have some very weird/unrelated ads get filled into the words because the topics can sometimes be very everyday type terms that might be taken out of context so I haven’t used that yet. Let me know what your experiences are. BTW, I really like your site template now. Much improved.

  2. I played a bit before, but been busy with blogging now. Let me know about your poker site later! Funny, Moneymaker was kinda the one that started it all. Yeah the internet levels the playing field in so many things. Amazing.

    Might have to look into cj, clickbank, and shareassale… I’m thinking about text links, too. Don’t want to throw everything on at the same time. Spreading it out slowly.

    Thanks, the site does feel cleaner. Readers have been happy as well. Stubborn me. I wanted my site design to make me stand out, now I will lean on my writing, which should have been the case in the first place. :)

    You are one of my top commentors, you sure you don’t want to get a gravatar? Right now you only have the blank default logo. Take it easy.

    • Domain Nitro says:

      Glad it worked out for you and I promise I’ll get you those articles. I’ll take a look at your site as well as I need to do the same for this one – shoe maker’s kids right (sorry, couldn’t help the pun)

      Yes, I need a gravatar and I promise I’ll get one soon!

  3. Talking about poker. Here is a name for sale:

    • Domain Nitro says:

      Not exactly related, but whatever. I don’t like many of those.. PokerStyles is not bad, but would be a tough develop I think. PokerPinball might be good for a pinball machine seller. Not for me right now though – I have a poker one in development.

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  7. Domain Nitro says:

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