Domains dropping today, Christmas Eve!

Well, it is Christmas Eve here in the U.S. and all through the house not a creature was stirring except the domaining mouse… 

Look where you are going... and what is coming at you!

Actually I just got up at 5 to start the ham and it was quiet so I thought I’d check out some domains without any distractions.  Anyway, here are a couple I think would do well along with a link to an article by Shane to get you in the spirit if you aren’t already. – great, brandable, pronouncable  Can’t imagine this one closing under a few grand, but think about its pronunciation – sounds like so it could be a brandable food site… I like it a lot, but I like getting fed :) – this is a great Christmas Eve pickup.  Both for the two words, yule and shop, as well as the length, only 8 characters.  Plus it is a  Very nice niche or seasonal shopping site for sure!

Last thing is to enjoy your holidays – here is a great post from Shane that will remind you of that! 

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