Get Motivated!

This is slightly off-topic. Not that you don’t want to be motivated, but it isn’t really domain related.

There is a seminar series going on that is essentially free… It is called “Get Motivated” and it has several venues, but the one in Birmingham includes the likes of Zig Ziglar, Rudy Giuliani, Rick Belluzzo, General Colin Powell and Laura Bush!

Not to mention that in all likelihood it will feature the past two national champion college football coaches, Nick Saban (Roll Tide) and Gene Chizik (not an Auburn fan per se, but for this game I am a huge Tiger fan). May have to modify this post if Auburn doesn’t pull through, but I’m betting they win by 2 TD’s!

It should really be a great time and I hope to learn a lot and GET MOTIVATED!

I know I said this wasn’t domain related, but I actually like their domain as it is actionable and memorable and the exact same as their event series!

Hope to see you there!


  1. Domain Nitro says:

    Even though it was closer than expected at least I don’t have to edit this post because Domain Nitro pulls out the prediction and there are going to be 2 National Champion coaches attending! Roll Tide! Oh, and war eagle – till next season!

  2. I liked your domain name site until this post. Go Ducks! We’ll get you next year. I looked at the site and it doesn’t have an event near me – are you associated with them or do you know if they will be adding others?

    • Domain Nitro says:

      No, I’m not associated with them in any way and I hate you won’t get to see it, but I’ll post some pics and commentary afterwards.
      Also, I hate the Ducks lost because I think they had a good shot of winning – they just got beat down in the trenches. I was also disappointed in how bad that field traction was – sad considering how much work they put into it that everyone was sliding around and couldn’t cut or change direction. Big hits and big/fast linemen is the way it goes most every week in college football especially in the SEC so the speed I think was comparable, but the Ducks line got pushed back into the runners before they could get the corner. Better luck next year… again!

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