Red Solo Cup

red solo cup domain nameDomain names for trending phrases, even if short lived can bring in a few bucks and I have been looking at a few of these recently especially after Elliot’s post on Tebowing.

Where you find these are usually sports, music, politics – think weiner, then think again :)

Red Solo Cup

I grew up in the 80’s and liked all kinds of music such as rap, metal, hair bands, and pop and I still listen to all kinds of music, but it has been only lately that I have started to listen to country music again (my dad jaded me by making me listen to Hank Williams too many times on that 8-Track)

I REALLY hate to admit this, but I actually like the Red Solo Cup song by Toby Keith. I know I shouldn’t, but when it comes on I crank it up and sing along… to the utter embarassment of my children… what more can you ask from a song?

So I decided to see if I could pick up even though there are obvious TM issues I thought it would be a fun site to build and then if I had to hand it over to the real solo cup company it wouldn’t be much of a loss.

Toby Keith got there first

Evidently somebody at Toby Keith entertainment is pretty web savvy as well and they picked it up first (or possibly bought it, not sure).

It currently redirects to Toby Keiths official home page. It was only registered on November 14 so I only missed it by a couple days. Dang!

Registrant: TKO Artist Management
2303 21st Ave. South 3rd Floor Nashville, Tennessee 37212 United States
Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 14-Nov-11
Expires on: 14-Nov-12
Last Updated on: 14-Nov-11
Administrative Contact:
Kimbrell, TK
TKO Artist Management
2303 21st Ave. South
3rd Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
United States

Domain Name search for registration

I tried to register the .net, but it was already registered to some guy from Utah who redirected it to his homes for sale site in Salt Lake… don’t get that at all, but whatever… maybe he is trying to flip it, but I’m not going to bother with trying to buy it from him as this is one of those short lived trends that won’t be worth nearly as much later on…

On to the .org and once again Toby Keith entertainment. Doh! How about the .us? Taken and it has a blank page with only the Toby Keith Red Solo Cup video playing which is very odd.

There are still a couple extensions available, but I think it is a little late to the party, forgive the pun, now. If you want to try your hand and fill your cup, then take a look at these:
REDSOLOCUP.XXX – this would probably the most fun of all sites given the end result of drinking out of a red solo cup, but you’d have some pissed off friends I think.

I attended a Christmas party this last weekend and it came on and at least half the people started singing along – the other half had no clue what the song was so it was pretty entertaining to watch.

I think it could be a great investment even with the primary domains being used since they aren’t being optimized. If you pick one up and decide to build a simple site let me know and I’ll link back to you.

New Year’s Eve will probably be the culmination of the Red Solo Cup trend with 99 percent of the world singing along to it right before and after “Auld Lang Syne”, you know, the song everyone hears and sings to at midnight… “Should old acquaintance be forgot…”

I guess it could be one of those songs that lasts a while and bleeds over into spring break and early summer on the beach so it might be a lot of fun.

Now, being a domainer, I had to go see who owned as well assuming it was solo cup company, but it wasn’t! Whois was erroring out on it, but going to the site it is obviously parked by SEDO, the domain sales company so it is probably a reseller.

Well, anyway – I hope you have a great holiday season, a wonderful Christmas and a full red solo cup on New Year’s Eve!


Domain Name registered and website started

Well, I thought about this post all day and decided to have a little fun so I hand registered and and put a small site on I am going to put a post on the specifics so follow along – here’s to you! I tip my cup…

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