New Domain Extension ad

This will be a short entry because I just saw an ad for a new site selling domains registrations. It will probably be my first, and only, post on the .XXX extension…

Register a Domain Name

As many of you know, a new domain extension was recently approved and went live. .XXX is supposed to be for the adult industry even though we know it lives on all extensions. (Whitehouse dot com anyone?)

I saw a few minutes of TV last night while I was baking some biscotti – yes I like biscotti even though I don’t drink coffee unless it is cold. I gave my wife a Keurig last year and it is pretty sweet with some nice options on coffee flavors plus an iced coffee option I like a lot. Anyway, back to the point…

An ad came on that just seemed stupid from the beginning and it really was, but it was a spoofish type ad for a registrar to register new domain names.

Protect your Business Domain Name

Their main message was to protect your business domain name by registering other extensions and in this case it was specifically for .XXX.

I don’t plan on registering any because that isn’t my business, but some of the domain name industry leaders like Frank are all over this one. If you want to know more take a look at Elliot’s domain investment post.

On a side note, since Frank is investing so heavily maybe I’m making a mistake not getting into this extension, but I have so many other things I want/need to do first I just can’t – I will try on the next major extension though, but there probably aren’t going to be many more of this scale again.

Still seems like an odd way to sell an extension. I’ve seen other extensions advertised before, but never in a “protective registration” context.

The video for registering a domain

Note that if you are easily offended or don’t like stereotypes being spoofed you’ll really hate this commercial. It has stereotypical porn stars, goofy white guy, and a black gang all being taken to the extreme of their persona which makes it goofy, but funny.

Without further ado, here is the video unless it gets pulled from the original source on

Update —- I just looked at the site and it has several videos and not surprisingly, several associated registrars such as GoDaddy, Moniker, and Network Solutions… Even more stereotypes in the other videos, but I remembered their name and their product which is more than I can say for most advertising.

Check out the Buy dot triple x if you want to see them.

Domain Name for sale letters on related domains

For everyone who has multiple domains registered and/or resells domains, have you noticed a huge spike in emails notifying you of “premium domain names” for sale related to your domain name?

Related Domain Names

I used to get several of these a week, but they were for directly related domains in that they were usually the same domain with a different extension.

For example, I would get a notice that someone had caught the .net or .org for one of my .com’s. Now it is often that they want to sell the .me, .mobi, .biz, etc.

Domain Name for sale trend concerns

Even more interesting is that the domains they want to sell now are often one keyword off with the same domain extension or even a different extension.

A slightly disturbing trend and another potential reason our industry gets a bad wrap is that I’ve gotten a lot of emails recently offering related domains for sale for only $199. Not a bad price in some circumstances, but the kicker is that they don’t even own the domain – it is available to be registered!

It usually is a domain that dropped very recently or that has great keywords with a less than desirable extension. Good model for the people trying to “sell” me the domain, but seriously? Come on, man!

Now this has to be an automated tool that someone has running that is just hammering away at valuable keywords. They probably register the best ones and then try to free flip (I just coined that phrase I think) related domains.

Anyway, if you get these emails take a look to see what might be of interest for a very cheap domain registration. I’ll give you one example in case you want to take a shot…

Domain Name available to register

Domain Name available to register

Obviously “” is already taken, but there are 2 extensions available – both the .me and the .mobi… With over 8,000 exact searches and a CPC around $25 it is a great set of keywords. Ultra competitive, but for the difference in cost you could build a nice site and SEO the crap out of it for the same cost as trying to pick up one of the better extensions on a resale. The .net is for sale over at for $490 so for that amount you could have 25 articles written and several thousand links created and end up with a decent site. Just sayin’

Domain Name Website Case Study Number – beta

This is the first Domain Name I will be developing for the 99 Domains in 99 Days challenge I started recently. Take a look back at that post if you are wondering why I am building this site…

This is my test/beta domain so I can get the timing and tasks down plus it will be a bit more extensive than a minisite.

Domain Name Test Beta

The Domain Name… is the domain and site I will be building first.

The website and traffic analysis

The reason may not be clear because most of the domains I am doing for this challenge will be some sort of product related domain name where there are lots of exact searches for the keywords in the domain name. In this case I am building it to start a new brand and company so I’m not as concerned about having exact matches as much(I did make sure the word domains was in there though).

Click Here Domains will be a flagship site for a services company that will build sites on domains to get people to “Click Here” :)

Maybe not as funny, ironic or clever to you as it was to me, but when I got the idea for this challenge it was while I was listening to a podcast and they mentioned you should never put the words “Home” on your link back navigation and almost every site you see has that. They also mentioned you should never put “Click Here” on your button links which is another thing you see all the time.

I looked at HomeDomains and the .com was parked and for sale with BuyDomains which is one of the larger players in the domain name reseller arena. I knew they would want a decent amount for the domain so I moved on and I’m really glad I did.

Then I looked at and it was expiring on GoDaddy THAT DAY! I liked it immediately when I thought of it anyway because it would be easy to make a cool logo and it was simple, memorable and descriptive… everything you would want for a new business name and web brand. Having it available for 16 bucks including expiring auction fee and domain renewal cost made it a no brainer.

Building the site in 99 minutes

Since I bought the domain on auction it never expired which is good since it had been registered on 9/11/09… There are those 9’s and 11’s again… odd isn’t it. I’m not going to count that time on this domain so we’ll start with…

Minute 1
(Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with the exact details of each minute – I am tracking it though for those of you who might want to know and I’ll put it on another page at some point)
Change the DNS to point to my HostGator hosting where I’m going to build the site. I already have a couple hosting accounts so I’m not going to count that time either, but I will say I really like two hosts after having tried several and I can recommend them for their stability and ease of site management. Try these hosting companies.

I have to go finish the other 98 minutes now so I’ll update this page when I’m done so you can go take a look! Leave a comment if you like this domain, hate it or have an opinion on what I am doing here…

*** update *** The site is now live, but not quite complete – still ironing out details, but it will never be “done” so go take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below. Here is a quick screenshot of the site as it stands today: screenshot