Domain Name Quotes – Quote This!

I love quotes about business, motivation, sports, life and just about anything.  Always have – especially growing up listening to some of the best from Bear Bryant and other old school coaches and leaders.

Domain Name QuotesShane has a good compilation of Domaining quotes here and I don’t have a lot to add, but I thought it would be fun to look at other quotes and relate them to domains.

These will all be short and I’ll include the original quote and attribution if I can find it.  This may just end up being a fun Twitter exercise so make sure you follow @DomainNitro.

Only a couple of rules – I’ll try to come up with a good one, you decide if you like it.  If you don’t, try to come up with a better one based on the original quote provided and put it in the comments.  I’ll let others decide which is best if it isn’t obvious :) I promise to be impartial…

Domain Name Quote:

Original Quote – “Your greatness is measured by your horizons.” – Michelangelo

Domaining Quote

  • Option 1 – “Your domains are measured by your sales” –
  • Option 2 – “Your domains are measured by their length” –
  • Option 3 – “Your domaining greatness is measured by your 3 F’s – Flips, Frequency, Financials” –

Which one gets your vote?  Can you do better?  Put it in the comments below!