Interesting Domain Name of the Day 09-27-14

Domain Name of the Day

Today’s first interesting domain name is:

Exact Match Domains

Exact Match domain

Ok, so SafetyGloves isn’t as cool as yesterday’s interesting domain name, but for the people selling Safety Gloves it couldn’t be any better.

Why should you care about this if you are a domainer or website creator using domains? Easy.

Exact Match Domains

This is one of the first terms most people in domains learn – exact match domains or EMD’s.

The exact match comes from how people browse the internet.

You have some people who type into the url exactly what they are looking for and if you are looking for Safety Gloves you would hit this site first.

Most people will use a search engine like google, but they will search for the exact term “safety gloves” and even though Google has put less emphasis on their rankings search results for EMD’s, it still plays an important factor.

You might say the site and domain… Fit like a glove. ┬áPardon the pun, it made me smile when I thought about it so I had to include it. :)Exact Match Domain in Advertising

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