Weird issue with GoDaddy Bulk Domain Checker

I’ve been trying to use trends, events, and current events to find domain names that can be hand registered.

Today, I was looking at slang words and had a bunch of them in the bulk checker at GoDaddy and for a brief instant I thought I hit the lottery!

Bulk Domain Zombie!

I saw that in addition to a few others I checked, and were available…

GoDaddy Bulk Domain Name Checker errors

Godaddy error!

Only briefly did I think that was possible, but just in case, I immediately went to checkout and when I tried to pay it kicked them out saying they were unavailable “error”.

UGHHH!  But I didn’t really believe it anyway, but it sure would be fun to find a nugget like that… pure gold!

On a side note, I didn’t register – would make a fun video site – google it or search youtube… it really is a thing…  If you register it please let me know – wouldn’t mind seeing what you do with it.

Slang and trends

As I mentioned above, I am looking into slang, trends, events, etc to try to find some hidden nuggets I can hand register… it is a time consuming process so I may have to start looking back at some of the new GTLD’s coming online or some of the ones from last year where people let them drop… should be a good market.  What do you think?