Eat That Frog! book review

Eat that frog!

Eat that Frog!

What do domain names and eating frogs have to do with each other?  As it turns out, quite a bit!
At the end of last year, when evaluating my domain names and deciding what to do with them for the new year, I read the book “Goals” by Brian Tracy.  I really got a lot out of it and I’ve used many of its principles to accomplish goals for selling domain names and building websites on other domains.

Recently, I visited Brian’s personal brand site and while there I actually signed up for his email list.  I usually hesitate to get on email subscriptions because I get so many emails already, but I figured Brian’s was worth it so I signed up.  BTW, I viciously unsubscribe to anyone not providing valuable content in exchange for my email because of some serious information overload… another story for another time.


Now I get all the daily quotes and the recommended “training” or products in the sales pitches that he does – I really don’t mind these type pitches because most of them offer some decent information along with the offer to buy something.  I’ll listen to a brief pitch if you give me enough value for free and I can expect the product to be worthwhile if I am interested… and they generally are.


One of the benefits of working for large corporation as my day job is that we have a corporate library with a lot of information about our industry along with business and marketing books, current magazines, etc.  I went to the library the other day looking at some personal/business networking books(which I desperately need) and social media books and I saw Brian Tracy’s name on another audio book, “Eat that Frog!” – I filed a mental note to come back another day to check it out…


Within 4 hours I saw two recommendations for Brian’s books – one from an Internet marketer’s site and another from a domain name investor’s website.  Both of them highly recommended this book as well as the goals book so I went and picked it up.


These are my notes from listening to the book in its audio format.  A lot of it is direct quotes or my summarizations with some domain name information and thoughts thrown into the mix.  I’ll also have commentary of my own so if you want a version without my notes convoluting the original ideas go to Amazon or your local bookstore.

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