A little personal development never hurt anyone

Last post I was in the process of buying some new domains in the new extensions – that has been a while and I am very happy with what I picked up.  I haven’t flipped or developed them yet, but that is coming soon.

In the meantime, I stopped buying until I can prove this method out by selling some and I also figure I can pick up more great names in the upcoming extensions being released soon as well as even better names that get dropped when those big renewal fees come rolling around soon!

So what have I been up to?

Personal development.

No, not the losing weight, improving memory, learning a new language, or ying/yang type personal development.  I am talking about website development.

I remember now what drew me to the web way back in the day – it was [Read more…]



Riding home on a gator after the snowpocalypse.

Survived the Snowpocalypse here in the South… Got home late, but safe and sound.  Can’t sleep so I thought I would get a few random domain name thoughts out of my head to see if that helps…

  1. Domain Shane isn’t human.  He says he has a full time “real business”, a kid/family, runs ridiculous distances, scans/invests in the stock market, etc.  AND he has a great domain business that he works on only 2 hours a day including blogging, scanning lists of domains like the “secrets” one on this list that is still pissing me off that I missed…  I don’t buy it.  I have to get to Namescon next year and get his secrets after the tables and drinks kick in… Oh yeah.
  2. Secrets on Flippa.  That portfolio of names Shane mentioned that was on Flippa.com closed at $1150.  $1150 for 50 names is what, $23 each and even if they are renewing soon that puts your average price around [Read more…]

DomainSherpa.com Brandable domains

The latest domain name review from Domain Sherpa is out.  After writing the article about the Domain Name Sherpas last week, I saw Michael was running a themed domain review this week.

Michael Cyger

Michael Cyger
aka Domain Sherpa


Taking the plunge with Themed Domain Names

The topic?  “Really cool brandables”  These are domains that can easily be branded, but the opinions on what is really cool varies significantly so if you don’t know what they are, I suggest starting with this definition and checking out Shane’s article on why domains are irrelevant (not!) and Morgan’s assessment.  Also, if you are planning on buying some to resell, hold, etc do yourself a favor and carefully read Elliot’s experience – it may save you some time and money.

I hesitated to submit a name because it could easily get trashed… Knowing that I had a couple of domains that might fit the brandable description and trying to really dive in and learn to be a “REAL” domainer this year, I decided I had to submit a name!

Before I reveal which name is mine, go take a look at the list of names that were submitted and think about which ones you like (you have to scroll down to “Reader Submitted Domain Names”.)  I wanted to do that before I watched the review, but I was too excited – like a kid on Christmas morning.

So do I get a lump of coal or a diamond in the rough?


My brandable domain name

I will say this, there are over 100 domains in the list and I only really liked or understood the brandability of about 15 of them.

My favorites from other submissions, in no particular order, are PinkBear.com, Jumbrellas.com, and [Read more…]

Great domain name sales opportunity

For anyone who knows me or follows this blog for any length of time, you know I love podcasts.  What does that have to do with Domain Name Sales?  Plenty!

Domain name evaluation and appraisals


Michael Cyger

Michael Cyger
aka Domain Sherpa

Michael Cyger over at DomainSherpa.com also produces a podcast and one thing he has been doing for a while now is Domain Name Portfolio Reviews.  He takes 50 names from two regular Joe Domainers and has a panel of 4 experts he calls Sherpas review the names.

The Sherpas provide honest (brutally honest, which I like) feedback, and possibly pricing recommendations and appraisals.  Great stuff.  They have even made real time offers for names they love!

Learning from other domain owners

Submitting your portfolio to DomainSherpa isn’t for the faint of heart because most of the time the portfolio of names get trashed with the exception of a few names – maybe 5 out of 50 are keepers – MAYBE.  You would have to be open and willing to truly listen if it was your portfolio.  I have submitted my 50 a while back and if it ever does get reviewed it will get thrashed – I plan to do a post where I try to use what I’ve learned listening to them to review my own portfolio… I will update this post if I do my own review – would be fun to do that before they did and compare results if it were to happen :)

The great thing is that you get to see what other people submit – you have to assume it is their best stuff knowing what is going to happen.  Then you get to hear what the Sherpas have to say about the names.  You can really learn a lot about the way truly successful domain name entrepreneurs think about domain names and their business.

Like most things with a subjective factor, sometimes a couple of the sherpas like names while others hate them.  Sometimes that has to do with the way each Sherpa does business – if they specialize in brandables they might like something that another who specializes in product domains or geo domains doesn’t, but in general they like most of the same names.

Domain name themes

A more recent variation of the portfolio review are domain name themes.  Instead of 50 names from two domainers, Michael or one of the Sherpas will select a specific topic or theme for the next review.  The best thing is anyone can submit one domain name within that niche and [Read more…]

Domain Name for sale letters on related domains

For everyone who has multiple domains registered and/or resells domains, have you noticed a huge spike in emails notifying you of “premium domain names” for sale related to your domain name?

Related Domain Names

I used to get several of these a week, but they were for directly related domains in that they were usually the same domain with a different extension.

For example, I would get a notice that someone had caught the .net or .org for one of my .com’s. Now it is often that they want to sell the .me, .mobi, .biz, etc.

Domain Name for sale trend concerns

Even more interesting is that the domains they want to sell now are often one keyword off with the same domain extension or even a different extension.

A slightly disturbing trend and another potential reason our industry gets a bad wrap is that I’ve gotten a lot of emails recently offering related domains for sale for only $199. Not a bad price in some circumstances, but the kicker is that they don’t even own the domain – it is available to be registered!

It usually is a domain that dropped very recently or that has great keywords with a less than desirable extension. Good model for the people trying to “sell” me the domain, but seriously? Come on, man!

Now this has to be an automated tool that someone has running that is just hammering away at valuable keywords. They probably register the best ones and then try to free flip (I just coined that phrase I think) related domains.

Anyway, if you get these emails take a look to see what might be of interest for a very cheap domain registration. I’ll give you one example in case you want to take a shot…

Domain Name available to register

Domain Name available to register

Obviously “RefinanceMortgageRate.com” is already taken, but there are 2 extensions available – both the .me and the .mobi… With over 8,000 exact searches and a CPC around $25 it is a great set of keywords. Ultra competitive, but for the difference in cost you could build a nice site and SEO the crap out of it for the same cost as trying to pick up one of the better extensions on a resale. The .net is for sale over at Sedo.com for $490 so for that amount you could have 25 articles written and several thousand links created and end up with a decent site. Just sayin’