Creating multiple pages in WordPress

I love WordPress.  It is very flexible and is simply a great tool to quickly build, develop, and maintain websites, blogs, etc.

One of the greatest features is the concept of themes followed closely in my opinion by plugins.  You can find a plugin to do most anything you can think of in WordPress…

Plugins for WordPress

My personal favorite is the plugin feature where you can search for and add in a plugin from either or from some other developer.  You can literally add extensive functionality in a couple of seconds.  Analytics – done.  Spam control – done. Multi-user sites – done.  Seriously, most anything you could want on a site is available.

Yesterday I had an idea that would require creating a LOT of similar pages on this site in bulk.  Content, titles, format all very similar.  Most of the data I needed to use was in excel so I thought why not check out the plugins rather than having to create all these pages manually?

A quick search later and I’ve found multiple plugins that look promising.  Some that load straight from excel while others that let you put in text fairly quickly. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found one that meets my needs exactly so I’m going to look around some to see if there are any premium (that is online open source terminology for “paid”) plugins that will do the trick.

I know I could do it myself and just repetitively put in page after page and it probably would take the same amount of time as what I’m searching and researching… But, what fun would that be?  Plus, if I can find something I like it will be something I can do again and not have to spend the time.  And the odds of that are fairly high so it is worth it to do some research for now.

While I’m away, do you have a favorite plugin you’d like to recommend?  I don’t care what area it is in – seo, social media links, commenting systems, etc.  I am just always looking for good tools and pieces of functionality!  Leave a comment or recommendation below.