Domain Name Registration:


I’ve used over a dozen companies for domain registration over the last few years and I always come back to the same company – GoDaddy. Simple registration, great prices and great domain management. Highly recommended. You can get some great discounts with the affiliate discount below. Deal of the Week! - 30% off your order! Offer expires 8/14/12.

Site Hosting:

The website hosting companies I use are what I consider to be the best, easiest to manage hosts around. They both have great online and phone customer service with great technical support. And those are the criteria I use to judge hosting companies. These are not in 1-2 order – I really like them both and I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

Host Gator

I’ve used Host Gator for a year or two now and their hosting is rock solid! I mention it first because they have a Web Hosting for only 1 Penny! special you can try out – that’s what I did and I haven’t looked back. They have one of the slickest management consoles and fastest WordPress installs I’ve seen. Super simple! Give them a try with the 1 cent affiliate offer.


I’ve used GoDaddy for a couple years and their management console is great. The main reason I use them though is their proactive sales – sounds crazy, I know, but they have called me up to offer discounts on things I was already paying for – losing them money… but gaining a lifelong customer in return! I highly recommend Godaddy – try them out on my affiliate link below if you are looking for a great host at a great deal. Deal of the Week! - 30% off your order! Offer expires 8/14/12.