Do you speak “Whinese?”

I have two daughters and they are just about the best kids anyone could want, but on occasion they get tired or cranky and start whining…  My response is ALWAYS “I don’t understand Whinese!”

They know now that it means to speak to me instead of whining and then to think about what it is that is bothering them.  Then they have to come up with ideas on what to do instead of whining.  Great stuff, huh?  The problem with whining is that it is self-fulfilling – the more you whine, the more you see to whine about and the more you practice whining the better you get at it. 

The problem I find is that even though I don’t understand Whinese, that doesn’t stop ME from doing it, too!  This occurs mostly in my own head and it usually has something to do with domains, development, or trying to build an online business or some other make money online tactic.  Have you ever heard the little voice in your head say something like:

  • “That is a STUPID domain name and it sold for what on SEDO?”   This generally occurs on Wednesdays when I get over to Which domains sell truly amazes me sometimes, but the non-Whinese thought should be – “Wow, maybe someone will buy one of the stupid domains I picked up last year for $8 and give me $8,000!” Hasn’t happened yet, but it will!
  • “Web Development is hard, time consuming, boring, etc.”   This generally occurs when I’m either working on a site or debating whether I should start another site… and it usually leads to…
  • “I should take a look at Sedo, NamePros, Bido, BoxCar, Flippa, GoDaddy etc” This happens all the time – I would MUCH rather buy a domain name by researching it and trying to get a good deal than just about anything… I can see how stock brokers and investors, gamblers and domainers are all alike – just one more penny option (ok, $8) and I can turn it into $5k! 

So, Doctor, “Heal thyself!”  What can I do instead of whining?  Look at the domains I have already and realize that they have value and that I CAN make them work for me and that there were good reasons I bought them.  I will start that development project, I will research people interested in this domain and send them emails, I will start that SEO campaign, I will set up that Facebook fan page and I WILL QUIT WHINING!

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  1. Jarred Zoglmann says:

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  3. Funny – my kids whine incessantly – never really related it to my domain sales though :)

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