Well, I didn’t die and I still have some domain names…

Since I didn’t die yet and I still have some domain names I guess I need to evaluate how I did living yesterday and those three goals…  They were to:

     1) Finish a book review
     2) Get some articles written for a new site
     3) Send some emails on sites and domains to flip

Well, I didn’t make them all, but there is at least a good reason…  I started working on the book review again and it was so good that I ended up reading it all and then had to start back reviewing it.  Made good headway and I should finish tonight.  Good thing is that it will change how I was going to do the other two tasks…

The book I’m reviewing is on domain name flipping and it is from a guy named Morgan Linton.   It is due to be released soon so go pick it up.  Until it is released, you should REALLY go over and spend some time on his site, www.MorganLinton.com and learn as much as you can.  He is one of the more “real” people you will find on the net discussing domains, development and building an online business.

If you are just getting into domaining or trying to make money online then the book I’m reviewing is for you and you should really go pick it up – it will save you a LOT of time and wasted money.

If you have been buying domain names and just “collecting” them (ie not selling many) then the book I’m reviewing is for you as well – you may know some of the concepts, but it is clear and very plain on what you should do.

Now remember, you will die, so go do this now. :)

~~ DomainNitro ~~

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