You allowed Google, Microsoft, and others to track your location and pass it along…

Not domaining related, but if you browse the web using any modern browser and you don’t explicitly turn off the “Geo” feature of your browser then you “consented” to the EULA of your browser and they are tracking not only the sites you visit, but also from WHERE you are currently… plus they pass it along to any site that asks for it.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I am in IT and I know a bit about domains and websites – did you REALLY intend to tell all those companies about all the sites you visit, when and where you are physically, etc?  Didn’t think so.  You can do a simple search of how to turn that so called feature off, but here is a link to make it easier to turn of the Geo tracking.

BTW, this isn’t just an evil empire thing – they all do it.  Another thought while I’m at it… if you have a smart phone you might want to do a simple search on what you AGREED to as well… iphone, droid, win… take 2 minutes and come back and tell me that isn’t frightening…  Now go to some of my sites and buy something :)


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