New Domain Extension Fan or Foe?

The new GTLDs are here!

How are you approaching the tidal wave of new GTLDs?

New GTLD Domain NamesAre you watching from the sideline to see how it plays out?  Do you think they are a Gold Mine or a river full of Fool’s Gold?

Are you buying all you can get?  Or would you not buy one of those domains for any amount of money?

My approach – mimicking the King (the Domain King)

Personally, I am being very selective and buying only what I can on general availability release.  There are a couple I might be tempted to purchase in the pre-registration phases, but at least I have some time to see how these early releases pan out.

If I end up selling a few of the ones I’ve picked up, I will probably roll that money back into a larger pre-reg name in one of the early phases.

Mining for domain diamonds in the rough

So far, I think I picked up some real gems even though “.diamonds” hasn’t released yet.  I grabbed:

  • Gold.Ventures
  • DomainName.Holdings
  • Girlfriend.Guru
  • Bill.Guru
  • LosAngeles.Ventures
  • Concerts.Guru
  • …and a few others
After having a few days to look back on it, I am still very happy how I approached it.  Basically, I came up with a list of keywords that I thought worked REALLY well with the extension – following the Domain King’s advice I hope pays off.  (pretty sure it was from Rick, but might have been on the Sherpa panel with Michael Cyger)


Missed an opportunity?

Today, I was in a meeting so I couldn’t catch the very beginning of general availability for the ones that opened for hand registration(.Technology, .Today, .Land, .Kitchen, .Construction, etc) so I didn’t get the top of my lists.  Oh well, there are literally HUNDREDS of opportunities coming this year!


Here are some that I found that as of noon on Wednesday are still available to register – note that some of these are premium registrations so they are more than the regular $24, 39, 49, x9 initial fee… probably still worth it though so I hope you are able to grab a couple based on your own plan for these new GTLDs:


Currently available to hand register:


.Technology domains

  • Touch
  • Insurance
  • Host
  • Leading
  • Podcast
  • Truck
  • License
  • Biomedical
  • Imaging
  • Instant
  • Visionary
  • Leasing
  • Currency
  • Traffic
  • Career
  • Program
  • Trademark


.Construction domains

  • Site


.Kitchen domains

  • Outdoors
  • MakeOver
  • Counters
  • CookBooks


.Land domains

  • Purchasing


Actually, out of these, I really still like Touch.Technology, Trademark.Technology, Site.Construction, and Purchasing.Land.  May have to check back on those…

Let me know what you picked up recently or what you think of the ones I grabbed or listed here for availability.  Would love to know your thoughts.



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