A little personal development never hurt anyone

Last post I was in the process of buying some new domains in the new extensions – that has been a while and I am very happy with what I picked up.  I haven’t flipped or developed them yet, but that is coming soon.

In the meantime, I stopped buying until I can prove this method out by selling some and I also figure I can pick up more great names in the upcoming extensions being released soon as well as even better names that get dropped when those big renewal fees come rolling around soon!

So what have I been up to?

Personal development.

No, not the losing weight, improving memory, learning a new language, or ying/yang type personal development.  I am talking about website development.

I remember now what drew me to the web way back in the day – it was [Read more…]

New Domain Extension Fan or Foe?

The new GTLDs are here!

How are you approaching the tidal wave of new GTLDs?

New GTLD Domain NamesAre you watching from the sideline to see how it plays out?  Do you think they are a Gold Mine or a river full of Fool’s Gold?

Are you buying all you can get?  Or would you not buy one of those domains for any amount of money?

My approach – mimicking the King (the Domain King)

Personally, I am being very selective and buying only what I can on general availability release.  There are a couple I might be tempted to purchase in the pre-registration phases, but at least I have some time to see how these early releases pan out.

If I end up selling a few of the ones I’ve picked up, I will probably roll that money [Read more…]

New Domain Extension ad

This will be a short entry because I just saw an ad for a new site selling domains registrations. It will probably be my first, and only, post on the .XXX extension…

Register a Domain Name

As many of you know, a new domain extension was recently approved and went live. .XXX is supposed to be for the adult industry even though we know it lives on all extensions. (Whitehouse dot com anyone?)

I saw a few minutes of TV last night while I was baking some biscotti – yes I like biscotti even though I don’t drink coffee unless it is cold. I gave my wife a Keurig last year and it is pretty sweet with some nice options on coffee flavors plus an iced coffee option I like a lot. Anyway, back to the point…

An ad came on that just seemed stupid from the beginning and it really was, but it was a spoofish type ad for a registrar to register new domain names.

Protect your Business Domain Name

Their main message was to protect your business domain name by registering other extensions and in this case it was specifically for .XXX.

I don’t plan on registering any because that isn’t my business, but some of the domain name industry leaders like Frank are all over this one. If you want to know more take a look at Elliot’s domain investment post.

On a side note, since Frank is investing so heavily maybe I’m making a mistake not getting into this extension, but I have so many other things I want/need to do first I just can’t – I will try on the next major extension though, but there probably aren’t going to be many more of this scale again.

Still seems like an odd way to sell an extension. I’ve seen other extensions advertised before, but never in a “protective registration” context.

The video for registering a domain

Note that if you are easily offended or don’t like stereotypes being spoofed you’ll really hate this commercial. It has stereotypical porn stars, goofy white guy, and a black gang all being taken to the extreme of their persona which makes it goofy, but funny.

Without further ado, here is the video unless it gets pulled from the original source on YouTube.com.

Update —- I just looked at the site and it has several videos and not surprisingly, several associated registrars such as GoDaddy, Moniker, Name.com and Network Solutions… Even more stereotypes in the other videos, but I remembered their name and their product which is more than I can say for most advertising.

Check out the Buy dot triple x if you want to see them.