Riding home on a gator after the snowpocalypse.

Survived the Snowpocalypse here in the South… Got home late, but safe and sound.  Can’t sleep so I thought I would get a few random domain name thoughts out of my head to see if that helps…

  1. Domain Shane isn’t human.  He says he has a full time “real business”, a kid/family, runs ridiculous distances, scans/invests in the stock market, etc.  AND he has a great domain business that he works on only 2 hours a day including blogging, scanning lists of domains like the “secrets” one on this list that is still pissing me off that I missed…  I don’t buy it.  I have to get to Namescon next year and get his secrets after the tables and drinks kick in… Oh yeah.
  2. Secrets on Flippa.  That portfolio of names Shane mentioned that was on closed at $1150.  $1150 for 50 names is what, $23 each and even if they are renewing soon that puts your average price around $30 each.  These include Secrets, Cornelius, Gracie, Kyra, Camille and others that I think you could flip for at least a couple hundred each… some more, some less.  Someone got a deal.  Wasn’t me.  Wish it was.  The point is I really need to pay more attention to Flippa domains.  Looks like some great deals going on there.
  3. Anyone else Jonesing for the Domain Sherpa review this week?  The one where the Sherpas share their latest hand reg, drop, or purchases?  I am.  Not that I know what Jonesing means, because I don’t live in Colorado or Washington like Michael…
  4. New gtld launch yawn.  I thought I would be a lot more excited about the new gtld launches, but I’m not.  Weird because I think there will be some real opportunities.  I think the problem is I’m looking at the overall market and where I need to really look is some very specific gtlds that I think will thrive… I only think a couple will, but for those few it could be a very nice run.  Kinda like looking at the entire stock market like an index vs a smaller vertical or niche – Market vs Computer Hardware vs Apple… much more interesting the deeper you go and I hope more profitable.  I will do another post when/if I buy in those.
  5. Snowpocalypse.  It sucked.  I am addicted to names I guess since I checked the domain availability.  Sitting still in traffic for a long time.  It was taken – 7 years ago.  I wanted to grab it and build it out really quick with some pics, but I went to the domain and I couldn’t even stay on the site to see if it is for sale because the snow effect they have on there was killing my tired brain.  Probably a good thing since I am not all that excited about building out that type domain although most of it would be user generated content…
  6. Numerics and random 3 character domains.  I still don’t get them or how to price them to buy at value even though Shane and others have provided plenty of insight.  Random stuff like 7wz or m58 or 9240 – I can’t see the business model especially at the prices they are going for on the wholesale market so maybe I need to only think about it based on what they are saying… they are reselling at good prices on and other venues.  Not for me, but I am definitely going to watch for trends.  Morgan and Shane are pretty good at catching these trends early and helping guide the market in the right direction so maybe I’ll play along and try to catch the next wave before it is already crashing.
  7. More, and better, offers on my domains.  Haven’t sold a domain this month and it is quickly coming to an end, but I have been a little more busy at my real job, a lot more firm on pricing, and tougher on offers.  Seems to be working because I have gotten some decent offers, counters, counter offers and one looks like it might go thru for a decent 4 figure sale this week.  Happy with my direction anyway.

2014 is going to be great, snowpocalypse or not.  Now for some sleep.  Luckily the gym is closed so no 3am wakeup – sleeping in until 6 will be good for my soul :)

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