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The latest domain name review from Domain Sherpa is out.  After writing the article about the Domain Name Sherpas last week, I saw Michael was running a themed domain review this week.

Michael Cyger

Michael Cyger
aka Domain Sherpa


Taking the plunge with Themed Domain Names

The topic?  “Really cool brandables”  These are domains that can easily be branded, but the opinions on what is really cool varies significantly so if you don’t know what they are, I suggest starting with this definition and checking out Shane’s article on why domains are irrelevant (not!) and Morgan’s assessment.  Also, if you are planning on buying some to resell, hold, etc do yourself a favor and carefully read Elliot’s experience – it may save you some time and money.

I hesitated to submit a name because it could easily get trashed… Knowing that I had a couple of domains that might fit the brandable description and trying to really dive in and learn to be a “REAL” domainer this year, I decided I had to submit a name!

Before I reveal which name is mine, go take a look at the list of names that were submitted and think about which ones you like (you have to scroll down to “Reader Submitted Domain Names”.)  I wanted to do that before I watched the review, but I was too excited – like a kid on Christmas morning.

So do I get a lump of coal or a diamond in the rough?


My brandable domain name

I will say this, there are over 100 domains in the list and I only really liked or understood the brandability of about 15 of them.

My favorites from other submissions, in no particular order, are,, and  The Sherpas liked UnPlug a lot and a couple of them really liked Jumbrellas and PinkBear along with various other names that I will leave to your viewing pleasure.

I won’t go into which ones they didn’t like, but there were many that they said were worthless.  There were a few that they trashed.

Here are a couple of names that I considered submitting and what I took into account.  Keep in mind you only get to submit one and they were asking for really cool brandables…

  • – from what the Sherpas said on previous episodes, they like phrases and sayings for brandables.  I bought this name for a very specific reason and I still have that reason.  Would be tough to sell it since it probably means more to me than most.
  • – The obvious use is for something related to horses, but I especially like it for a brandable horse race betting site. Hunches, Haunches…
  • – Could be a chat site or some online calling service.  Could also sell it to whoever owns
  • – I bought this when there was a lot of buzz in the photography industry about cameras that took pictures which you could later change the focal point of the picture.  Ultra cool technology and I figured this would be a great app name.  Could also be a site for life coaching, refocusing your company, etc
  • – is a HUGE name, easily 7 figures.  I liked this one because it sounds phonetically the same and asks a question at the same time.  Could be a review site of wifi devices – everything is having wifi baked into it now – cars, tv, stereos, phones, clothes…
  • – don’t ask me why I like this one, I just do.  So there.

And the answer and result is… drumroll please…….

And I’m happy to say they did not trash it.  They also didn’t like it.

Actually, they never even mentioned it.  Come to think of it, I wish they had any opinion on it.  Guess I will have to chalk that up to it being a marginal name or at least one they could easily forget – not a good sign.

Still not going to drop it.  :)

And therein is the problem for me and brandables.  Brandable domains are like, ugh, bellybuttons – everybody has one.  Everybody has an opinion about what is good or bad and most domainers have several brandables.  Most will never sell.  Never.  Ever.  Fact!

They are still fun to own, but there are so many alternative options available it is tough for all but the best names.  That is why I dropped a bunch over a year ago – I have already saved myself $1500 by not renewing them – most of them wouldn’t have sold for that much so I consider myself ahead of the game.

Final thoughts

I wish they had liked my name – duh.  Wish they had discussed it, but happy they didn’t trash it.

Based on their discussions, would I have submitted that name again?  No, I probably would have went with iRefocus or WhatAreYou.  Seems like theses fit in more with what they liked, but who knows.


P.S.  Another themed review

Michael is doing a special Sherpa challenge this coming week where they review names the Sherpas recently bought.  Should be a great episode.

They have already selected the theme for the following week – political domainsMike Mann should have a field day with this one – my choice for a special guest sherpa.  Go and submit your domain now – I am going to keep at it if I have some that fit the bill – I know I have one…  next time.

Leave a comment if you have one you submitted or you just want to discuss your brandable domain.


  1. i Love domain sherpa.


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